Health Problem

Solve Health Issues by Astrology

What is Health Astrology?

There are in totality twelve houses in the horoscope which consists of all the spheres of one’s life. From health, wealth, marriage, sex, job, destiny, a horoscope can reveal every aspect of the human life. It is believed that each house is part of KAAL Purush. Different houses are indicative of different spheres of life such as-

  • First House Symbolizes -Mind, Personality, and Face
  • Second House Indicates- Voice
  • Third House Depicts – Arms and Chest
  • Fourth House Shows- Heart

And the list goes on.

Therefore, whenever there is some bad effect on any of these houses they affect the particular organ that governs the house.  According to Vedic Astrology, Sixth House is indicative of the Health. A positive or a negative effect on the planet of this house decides the state of health of an individual.

They not only discloses about the physical health. By channelizing the birth chart, a human’s mental health can also be determined.

Are you suffering from a Health Problem?

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Who is astrologer Durga Prasad?

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